Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obituary for E-mail Spam

I can not believe this isn't the lead story for every major news venue. Am I the only one that noticed? I actually had to check my e-mail server this morning to ensure it was online. Why? Because there was no spam in my Inbox. I could see spam being denied from Europe, Russia, and Asia-- but no American spam.

Where had it gone?

After checking all my normal news outlets and finding no reason for this great event, I checked in on Brian Krebs' Security Fix at the Washington Post. He is normally a part of every Monday, and slow Thursdays, but not only did he have the answer... but he was the answer.

Turns out, Monday, Brian Krebs solved the American spam problem. He found that all the spam in a the US was coming from one system and he had it disconnected. (It was actually about 75%.) Since then, no spam to my server. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary reprieve as they will be back online by week's end. And then... It will be Blue Frog all over again.

Happy No Spam Day!

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