Monday, November 17, 2008

GigE Benchmark, Pt. 3

More performance tuning, this time using FTP instead of NFS.
Adama from Scully:
a. 100M, 962,465,792 11.2M/s in 82s
b. GigE, 962,465,792 13.4M/s in 68s
Mulder from Scully:
c. GigE, 962,465,792 14.4M/s in 64s
Adama from Mulder:
d. GigE, 962,465,792 21.0M/s in 43s
Look at the performance difference between "a" and "d" simply by downloading from a 1G rather than a 300M CPU. But... I have one more trick up my sleeve.

Mulder had an overclocked Celeron running at 1G, but with a front side bus at 66mhz. I swapped the CPU with a PIII 600, with a front side bus speed of 133mhz. I don't think this will help us on the PCI, but let's give it a try:
Adama from Mulder w/PIII:
e. GigE, 962,465,792 21.7M/s in 43s
Any performance gain was insignificant. One last test:
Mulder w/PIII from Adama:
f. GigE, 962,465,792 19.0M/s in 52s

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