Sunday, June 22, 2008

IPv6: Ping

Linux -vs- Windows

Given a LAN with Windows and Linux systems running IPv6, it may be necessary to Ping a Link Local interface. Consider the output of a Linux ifconfig command:
Only one address is displayed on the FE80 subnet. In this case we would issue:
  ping6 -I eth0 FE80::250:56ff:fea7:54a7
Notice the -I eth0 option: this tells the system which interface to use.

On the Windows side, things are slightly different:
This time we have three FE80 addresses. To ping we issue:
ping fe80::250:56ff:fea7:d33%6
Notice the %6 on the end. This allows Windows to know which interface (or tunnel) to use.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Palm Centro: Airplane Mode

On the front of the unit, there is a green answer button and a red power button. The power button has several functions:

1. When the unit drops to power save mode, it (or the four function buttons) will wake the unit up.
2. When awake, if the button is held for three seconds, it will boot the phone into the Airplane Mode. (The antenna icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen will disappear.)
3. When in the Airplane Mode, if the button is held three seconds, it will boot the phone into the On Air Mode.
4. In any active mode, tap the red button to black the screen. You can't turn the device off. Not possible. You have to pull the battery.

Palm Centro: Set Username

Finally moved on from my Palm Tungston to the Palm Centro. Whoa! Way cool. Now we get to figure this puppy out.

First hurdle: Change the username on the device to sync with the existing Palm desktop. This will load the Tungston's data on the Centro. Not an easy task.

1. Enter Memopad:
    Press the Home key
    Select Main catagory
    Click icon
2. Select New.
3. As the only line on the new memo, enter:
    Type "Shortcut . 5"
    *** For Shortcut, press and hold Alt, select character
    *** Don't type the spaces
4. Hotsync.