Thursday, May 14, 2009

The On-Call Blackberry

I got wrangled into having to use a Blackberry as part of an on call support gig. I'd never used a Blackberry before, always having carried Palm devices. This particular one is a RIM BlackBerry 8830.

...and it sucks!

The interface is absolutely horrible. It's like using an original Mac with a trackball-- today, not twenty years ago when the original Mac and trackball were breakthrough technology. Why doesn't it have a touch screen? How 1990's.

Even the apps are cluncky. How is it that people think these things are useful, helpful, cool, or intuitive? Palm is five years ahead of this piece of crap, and they are two years behind the iPhone. Even the MS Windows Mobile (WCE) systems are better than this. And to think that RIM has been the business package of choice.

I just don't get it.