Friday, November 07, 2008

F10-beta Kickstart Memory Reservation

Got another glitch for you. If you'll recall, one of my saddest moments in my work with F10-beta KVM was when I realized that we had lost the ability to dynamically control guest memory. It bit me again.

When attempting a kickstart, I was allocating 256 Meg of memory. The process would reach package number 10 (I think it was gcc... but who needs that) and freeze. Eventually, I found that by allocating 512, it continued the install. This man have nothing to do with KVM at all, but my have been an issue on a physical machine of less than half a gig of RAM.

There may be a sweet spot between 256 and 512, but I did not investigate any further.

Bottom line: Install at 256, then move down from there.

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