Monday, May 31, 2010

Setting XMMS As Default Player on F13

My home workstation has a dual head Vista laptop and a Linux desktop. The desktop has better speakers, so I'm using it as my office jukebox. I've always used XMMS, but ran into a small problem getting it set as the default player on F13. What I wanted, was to be able to double click an MP3 and have it start playing. What I got, was that the song would queue, but not play. Here's what I had to do to fix it:
# grep Exec /usr/share/applications/xmms.desktop
Exec=xmms -e %F
# sudo vi /usr/share/applications/xmms.desktop
And change the -e to -p. This changes XMMS's behavior from enqueue to play. For some reason, someone decided they wanted to double click to add songs to a manually executing playlist-- Every other player (including Windows Media Player!) uses drop and drag to add songs to the playlist.

BTW: This is what was originally posted that ended up on a file by file basis rather than globally.

1. Open the Music folder (or any location that has an MP3.)
2. Right click an MP3 file and select Open with Other Application.
3. Find and highlight XMMS.
4. Expand the option to Use a custom command.
5. Add " -p " to the xmms command. (The spaces are important.)
6. Check Remember this application.
7. Click Open.


  1. yum install -y audacious
    audacious -p JessieJames-Wanted.mp3
    # waiting... nothing hapening...
    # hey! this is just a skinned xmms
    # ...that doesn't play music
    yum erase -y audacious
    # ok, accomplished that task
    # next