Sunday, May 02, 2010

Norton AV Products Still Suck

I've always hated Norton products. McAfee is way more efficent. But, Comcast decided they wanted to switch the free AV product to Norton. They probably saved a nickle doing it. So, here's what happens when you use Norton (other than your machine running slow...)

I got this pop-up:Bad news. I ran a full scan. Nothing. The message returned. Reboot, update, disconnect from the network, scan, clean. The message returned.

For lack of any other option, I clicked "Get Help". Eventually, I was thrown into a chat session with an "analyst". After some discussion, he determined I was needed to upgrade my software from 3.x to 4.x, which seemed strange. Is he telling me that v3 is known to report bogus infections?He never said "yes, v3 has a bug," but he did say there was no virus, and the upgrade would stop the messages.


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