Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Fedora 13 Day

In keeping with my standing policy, I've skipped a version, and jumped from Fedora 11 to 13. I was quite disappointed, however, that Xen Dom0 is not included.

* Disk Druid has changed, allowing for safer isolation of disks that should not be formatted. Unfortunately, I had problems getting LVM to work.
* Once again I loaded KDE, and found it beautiful, then promptly did away with it. I just can't stand Konsole-- I've got to have fast cut and paste.
* Looks like Plymouth for ATI Radeon is working, but I'm back to not being able to get the resolution beyond 1024x768.
* NIS still doesn't work out of the box, but I've got to move to Kerberos anyway.
* And NetworkManager... It just keeps getting worse and worse.
* The Grub kernel line is significantly more complicated, because it seems as if it is being ordered to NOT load modules.

I'll reload again tomorrow and we'll see if there are any new applications.

1 comment:

  1. oh noes! Doug installed FC13 before me
    The end is nigh!