Friday, July 03, 2009

Yahoo Has Hacked Browser History

This is scary, but it is not the first time this has happened in the last few weeks. I'll search for an airfare, then have Yahoo Mail present me with a banner add advertising the exact destinations for which I searched.

As an experiment, I opened Yahoo Mail in a tab, and opened the inbox. Next, I opened another tab, and visited Expedia. There, I searched for an airfare. I returned to the Yahoo Mail tab, and clicked "Check Mail". I was presented with a Netflix ad.

Lets try again. This time Travelocity: search for airfare in a different tab, return to the Yahoo Mail tab, click "Check Mail", and here's what I got...

Theoretically, this should not be possible for security reason. One site should not be able to read another's cookies, and no one should be able to access a history. I tried the same process in IE7, same results. Even works on Linux. The only factor seems to be the site searched: Expedia does not work, Travelocity does. I've seen others (obviously Orbitz), but more travel sites than any. I guess that's what I use the web for most, except technical stuff... certainly not porn.

BTW, the trip to Reykjavik was too expensive. So much for given the bankrupt country money. Maybe I'll go to California.

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