Wednesday, July 29, 2009, Pt 3

The Windows guy is going to be jealous. Yesterday, I saved an image on the "small" server I set up at, then canceled the server. Today, I allocated an different model server, and applied the image. It worked. He suspected it would fail due to drivers. Ha!

An important detail I had misunderstood about their billing: You are billed while the server is allocated, not powered on. To check this, last evening, I issued a poweroff command just before starting the hour long walk, subway, bus, and car ride home. When I got home, I checked the invoice, and, just as expected, it had incremented another $.11. Once I did a Canceled Server, the billing stopped.

And that makes sense: If you have data on the drive, but power off the server, you are still costing them money. Once you de-allocate, they can hand it off to someone else.

As a side note, I found a couple other services to disable: lvm-monitor (they build everything in root) and hidd.

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