Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vista /etc/hosts File

As we all know, each iteration of Windows gets more like Linux, and Vista is the most Linux-like so far... Except for the fact that it sucks, but then Microsoft does have to differentiate their product somehow.

Take for instance the /etc/hosts file. In Vista, it is at:
Local Disk (C:)
    System32 (Syswow64)
Unfortunately, you can't edit the file. You're not allowed... its not your OS, so you can't edit it. Its Microsoft's OS.

But we got a hack for that.

Click Start (even though it doesn't say "Start" any more.) In the Start Search box, type "command". Right click the displayed icon and select Run as administrator. This will give you a command prompt. Yeah-- just like Linux. Execute:
cd c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
notepad hosts
Add the needed entries, save, close, then exit to discard the command prompt.

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