Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ruffino IL Leo

This Ruffino chianti is a step up from their tried an true table wine in the classic bottle. (see Ruffino Chianti) The name of the wine is derived from the two brothers, who foundered the Ruffino vinyards.

Truthfully, I was disappointed. It was more expensive, but added nothing. There are a few factors to be considered. First, I always cellar my chianti for at least a year, this one I bought and drank that night. That shouldn't have been a big deal, as this was a 2006, and most of what's on the shelves right now is 2007.

Second, I got this from a small wine store in Chinatown, near the agency I currently supporting. I probably won't trade there anymore. The last glass of this bottle was unacceptable, as it had dark sediment. In other words, it may have been a bad bottle.

For casual drinking, stick with the basic Ruffino, if you are able to stash it away for a year. At best, this one gets a 5 of 10.

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