Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rocco Delle Macie Vernaiolo Chianti

On a resent trip to Rome, the hotel gave me this bottle of wine, because of my Marriott Platinum status. I wasn't able to chill the wine, but enjoyed it over the next few days all the same. When I got back, I did a couple quick googles for the this, but couldn't find it in any of my local stores that have sites.

My impression of this wine is favorable. Almost all the vino served in Rome is chianti, unless you specifically order something different. My guess is that this is at least a mid-grade wine, as the hotel was one of Marriott's Tier 6 locations, and they wouldn't want to give a valued guest a cheap wine. (Not that I'm a valued guest, mind you.)

I'll look for this one around town, and give it an easy 7 of 10. Chilled, with the right meal it could go 8. The big take away, is that it's what Italians drink.

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