Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GFS vs Multi VM, Pt. 2

Got it. First, read GFS vs Multi VM to get the back story. Several attempts at a GFS cluster failed. It works now... with a few sizeable caveats.

1. Clustering in Fedora 8 is broken, and can not be fixed.
2. Clustering in Fedora 10 will not run on less than 312Mb.
3. Filesystem must be an LVM.

On two, up2date, Fedora 10 VMs with a shared partition, load the three packages, and cluster.conf as previously specified. Do not use Conga or sys-con-cluster! The file must be hand edited. Ensure all host names and IPs are in /etc/hosts.

On the shared partition, pvcreate, vgcreate, lvcreate. On both nodes, vgscan, then execute:
# lvdisplay | grep -i "lv name"
Both nodes should see the LVM.

Start the cluster services:
# service cman start
# service clvmd start
If you connection to the node drops, you've crashed the memory.

From only one node, create the GFS share:
# mkfs.gfs2 -t gfs-test:gfsx -j 2 -p lock_dlm /dev/gfsx/test
For -t, the prefix must match the cluster name in the cluster.conf. The -j specifies the max number of nodes (journals.)

Now mount:
# mount /dev/gfsx/test /gfs
# gfs2_tool list
253:2 gfs-test:gfsx
All commands except mkfs.gfs2 are executed on both nodes.

Needless to say, I glad we're finally done with this one.

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