Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Xen: Full Virt Solaris 10, Pt 3

Thus far, every attempt to get S10 to run as a Xen guest has ultimately failed. The problem has been the exact same video driver issue I've been fighting for a month. This means this is, beyond any doubt, a Solaris problem.

In each case, Solaris would install disk 1 in the text mode, then reboot the VM, and die. I tried a logical volume and I tried a real partition. I tried SELinux disabled. Finally (since I had the Cirrus Logic card installed, anyway) I decided to give it a 34th try. The trick was to configure F7 to recognize the Cirrus Logic video board...
90 seconds later...

Okay, that was easy. Of course my max resolution is now 1024x768.

Launched the VM install and found the graphical installed ran perfectly on the first try. Install completed. But when I went to start the VM:
# xm start starbuck01
Error: Device 5632 (vbd) could not be connected.
Device /dev/ is mounted read-write in the privileged domain,
and so cannot be mounted read-only by a guest.

In other words, it failed again, with the same error. I still think this has something to do with the video.

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