Friday, September 07, 2007

Xen: Full Virt Solaris 10, Pt 2

As I expected, the Solaris 10 install failed when it attempted to access CD 2. My research seems to indicate there is a known problem with the x86 CD ISO's installing in text mode. Unfortunately, the fix is not a high priority for Sun. But then Sun is a hardware company, so what do you expect?

On subsequent attempts to install, the GUI would not launch, though I was surprised to find that the default selections for the virtual display adapter would render 1024x800. What was truly bizarre was that the virtual display adapter showed as a Cirrus Logic card, which is what I had to use to get the "real" machine running.

And then I stumbled upon this:
Solaris 10 6/06 Installation Guide
Under System Requirements, it qualifies GUI install as requiring 512 MB for x86. The default memory footprint for a Xen VM is 500 MB. Ooops.

I set the memory for the VM to 532 MB, accepted all of Solaris 10's defaults, and...

Eureka! I got the GUI. Now I feel confident the install will work.

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