Wednesday, September 12, 2007

F7 and S10 Dual Boot, Pt 2

I was surprised how easily I was able to recover the S10 boot that was destroyed by a failed VM install. Solaris takes a primary partition and slices it into virtual partitions. The VM install wiped out the physical partition that ran S10. My concern was that a new install of S10 would kill the MBR or /boot, this wounding Fedora.

Since the S10 /boot and Grub are installed in the slice, I was able to reinstall S10 without effecting Fedora. Furthermore, since the "real" Grub is in the Linux partition, once the S10 install was complete, the system booted to Linux Grub, which handed off the Solaris Grub.

A passing side note: I had to reinstall the Cirrus Logic video card in order to install Solaris.

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