Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Started driving home when I heard a funny sound: Whop, whop, whop...

Uh oh-- Flat tire!

Not quite, I'd picked up what Firestone calls a road hazard, but the true technical term is big ass screw in the tire. I didn't figure I'd survive the beltway if the tire blew, so I pulled over and tossed on the spare. Look at that thing! It looks like it came off Malibu Barbie's convertible.

Then I took off the Protenza G009, I had about an inch of clearance between the rubber and the asphalt. When I put on this thing, I had to lower the car four inches before it even touched the ground. And it's like two inches wide.

But, I shouldn't complain... It got me home.

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