Wednesday, July 11, 2007

See Through Windows!

Passed this truck on the morning commute. Picture didn't post as nice as I'd hoped, but on the back door, they are bragging that they sell See Through Windows.


I do have to admit, however, that they are better than the windows in the old SAC facilities I supported in the early 1980's. The facilities would be mostly underground, so they would hang these large starving artist type paintings, and but curtains around them. At first I thought that was stupid, but then I had to pull an overnight duty at a B-52 alert station. My room mate said he couldn't sleep with the window open, so he close the curtains.

Now, I've never been a morning person. And with the lights out, this place was black as pitch. When the alarm went off, I staggered to to wall switch, and was immediately blinded by the florecent light. My room mate asked "Is it still raining?"

"Hold on," I offered, as I walked across the room. "Let me look outside." I pulled the curtains apart, and found myself staring at painting of the ocean.

Good thing he was too groggy to notice.

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