Friday, July 27, 2007

Vista, Pt 2

I know I promised a post on what I didn't like about Vista, but, as it terns out... I like everything about Vista! It is the most incredible product ever to be sold to the American consumer. Dare I say-- It shall be bigger than cigarettes, its so good!

Bottom line. After about a week, I see absolutely nothing new about Vista, accept the flippy-flippy window list thing. And of course, there's the blue screens, but I can live with them. They are self inflicted injuries. The price you pay for being an early adopter.

Granted, Vista has introduced new features, like the gadget sidebar. After all, I really need a second clock on my desktop. Can't trust the clock on my palm, in it's cradle beside my computer. Can't trust the clock on my Sprint phone, in it's cradle beside my computer. Can't trust the one on my NTP synchonized Fedora system, on my desk, beside my computer.

Now come time to start loading software to see what all doesn't work.

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