Saturday, December 04, 2010

Oops, I've Seen All of Netflix

Yep. All of it.

Okay, not every movie in the entire Netflix inventory, but every movie that I've ever wanted to see. I'm down to watching foreign flix with subtitles. I'm to the point that I'm saying to myself: "Hey, I don't think that was all that bad. Oh sure, I purposely avoided it when it came out at the theaters since it wan't worth spending money on, and I didn't watch it on HBO or TV since I had better stuff to do, but I'll add it to my Netflix queue."

Why? I because Netflix is a flat rate service. Its a buffet. All you can eat. There was an old Huey Lewis song:
"The sign on the door said all you can eat for $1.99, but one dollars worth was all i that could stand"
(Like there is anything but old Huey Lewis songs.

So here's what I have left:
- The Good, the Bad, the Weird: A subtitled Chinese Western
- How to Train Your Dragon: What passes for a cartoon these days
- Daybreakers: Because the world needed another vampire movie
- Scott Pilgram vs The World: For the 80's video game references

Sometime in the future, they'll have:
- Despicable Me: I dream of world domination
- Inception: Speaking of dreams
- Skyline: Gotta keep an eye on the aliens

I hope somebody invents something Earth shatteringly entertaining... quick.


  1. I won't mention my disastrous fc14 experience.

    Try out the Pacific (HBO miniseries)
    Mad Men is also a good series.

    So how was Let Me In? Learn Swedish? Yes, it a vampire movie and it has subtitles - so double points?

  2. And I've seen "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "Girl who Played with Fire". Looks like Sweden is the new Hollywood.

    Lisbeth be bad-ass: shot three time, buried alive, and she can still put an ax in your knee cap.