Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Margherita

Unlike most of my selections that are mostly from wandering around the wine store looking at labels, I sought this one out based upon an advertisement in Wine & Food magazine. I got the mag as one of those "try it free" subscriptions, and ended up canceling. Instead I subscribed to Wine Spectator-- much better!

The wine sounded perfect: northern Italy, not a blend, safe white, and I like pinot grigio. But.. I knew it had to be expensive. Turns out not as much as I expected. I paid about $27 for the bottle, and, according to WS, $40 is considered expensive.

This was one of those moments when any novice wine drinker thinks, "is this really worth twice the price?" Yes, this one was. It was excellent. The only problem was the fact that many other norther Italian whites are excellent, too.

Factoring in the cost, I have to say a high 7 or 10.

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