Saturday, December 26, 2009

Citrix XenDesktop Express

Citrix finally released the evaluation product for XenDesktop 4, with a free Express edition for ten users. Before downloading, watch the introductory video, then come back here, to find out that for 87.3% of you the product will be unusable.

Forty seconds into the video, the narrator announces that the download "includes everything you need for a basic environment". BRAAAAAM! Wrong: You need at least one Windows Server 2003 licenses, and a functioning Microsoft Active Directory Controller. (Which is a second 2003 license... but who's counting.)

A significant disappointment, as I had hoped this could be a tool used by a small mobile work force. Instead, the Express product is completely useless. If an organization has MS Server and AD, they need that full version, not the express.

I guess that's four hours wasted.

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