Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Cristina

When I went to open this bottle of Santa Cristina Tuscan Sangiovese, I became highly distressed. Not only was it a 90% blend... and I avoid blends... but it was 10% Merlot! I'm allergic to Merlot.

No, really, I am allergic to Merlot. May grapes, in fact. It has to do with where the varietal is more related to blackberries or blueberries. Blackberries have lumpy skins with lots of little seeds, blueberries have smooth skins and one small (or no) seed. I'm allergic to blackberries, and merlot grapes are closely related.

(The proof exists in a book by Oz Clarke called "Introducing Wine", 2000, Webster's International.)

I tried it anyway, and luckily, no reaction, so the 10% was okay. As for the wine, the merlot added some body and richness, but nothing of interest. I've got another bottle, but will avoid this in the future. I found it satisfactory, but other might like it.

I'll got 4 of 10.

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