Monday, June 18, 2012

Tear Down The House

To those that suggested that the solution to uneven cooling of my home was to tear the house down... I'm way ahead of you. A couple weekend ago, I took out a ceiling and two walls.

The ceiling had to come out:  There was a leak in the upstairs plumbing that had caused the ceiling to sag in two places.  Once the leaks were fixed, a the ceiling was "repaired" by a couple of "professionals".  And then it sagged again.  So, out it went.

And while you're taking out the ceiling, might as tear down some walls.  The red line represents a wall that separated the everyday dining room from the formal dining room, which has spent the majority of the last five years as a storage room.  The purple line represents the wall that separated the kitchen from the formal dining room.  The yellow circle is around the light switches, that were in the walls, and now just hang down for easy reach.

The big black thing in the background is the Big Fucking Refrigerator (BFR).  The difference between a BFR and a refrigerator is that a BFR damages doors and walls when it goes in the house.  The BFR did sit in the corner where the red and purple walls had been.  Now its against the outside wall.

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