Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Linux Rescue for VM on XenServer

I finally figured out how to rescue a Linux VM running on a Citrix XenServer host, an believe it or not, it is completely unintuitive! First, power off the VM, though if you're going to rescue mode... you're probably "down" already. Second, mount the rescue media (CD/DVD). Third, make sure the VM is highlighted on the left pane of XenCenter.

Here's the trick: Across the top of the XenCenter menu, select VM, and Start/Shut down, and Start in Recovery Mode. The machine should boot from the rescue media. Proceed per rescue SOP.

Be forewarned... For some reason, booting is incredibly slow.


  1. Thank you for the post. Never saw that option in XenCenter. I had submitted a service request with Citrix over the issue and they told me it was not possible. Followed your instruction and booted to rescue disc with no issues. Thanks again!