Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good-bye Gnome

In the latest machine re-org, I reloaded my workstation with Fedora 15. I don't like it. I think they've made several wrong turns, the single biggest being their implementation of Gnome 3.

With Gnome 3, they have set a minimum acceptable video hardware platform. That's fine, because they provided a fallback mode in case the machine does not support 3D rendering. Accept for one minor problem... most of the desktop's features do not work in fallback mode.

For instance... The ability to exit the GUI. Yes: there is no logout, quit, exit, stop, leave, or otherwise feature. The only way out is to open a terminal and init 3. If they missed something as important as an exit function, just image what else they missed. (Hint: allot!)

So, I'm trying to switch to KDE and it looks promising. As a matter of fact, I have found a fix for my single biggest complaint with KDE. I am so use to highlighting text in a terminal window and pressing "Shift-Insert", that for five years, I have refused to use KDE because it required the extra step of "Ctrl-Insert".

On the taskbar, near the clock is a scissors icon. Left click, select Configure Klipper, and click "Synchronize contents of the clipboard and the selection". Now it works the way I want!

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