Tuesday, August 12, 2008

X11 Forwarding to Vista

I'm just getting around to turning on X11 forwarding to my Vista laptop. As a result of certain work related issues, I thought I was going to use Putty as the SSH client. I've done with with other clients, and had used Cygwin as the X11 emulator on XP. Of course I couldn't get Putty and Cygwin to play, but then I found another option.

1. Download Cygwin setup. Launch same.
2. When prompted for packages select Net/openssh and X11.
3. Once installed, launch Cygwin. This will open a text window, AKA: CLI.
4. Type startx. This will open an xterm window. (Oddly, it failed several times before working. I'll have to work on that.)
5. Access the remote system:
ssh -X user@server
6. After login, type xclock as a test.

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  1. exactly what i was looking for. thanks.