Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lost, But Not Forgotten

Last night's episode of Lost created quite a few new questions to ponder. Are John, Eko, and Desmond dead? Surely not-- they wouldn't kill off any of the characters. Are Micheal and Walt really headed for rescue? That boat is not an ocean going vessel. Will we hear from Jack, Kate, and Sawyer next season? Once someone is captured, we typically don't see the story through their eyes anymore.

(Sawyer may be the exception: We learned about the Tailies from either Sawyer, Micheal, or Jin's point of view. It couldn't be Micheal, since he was gone two weeks, without a clue as to what was happening to him. It probably wasn't Jin, because we've heard the story through his ears, and it sounded like gibberish.)

Here's what we need to think about:

* Desmond asked John when the plane crashed on the island. "Sixty three days ago," was his response. "No, what was the date of the crash?" insisted Desmond. "September 22nd," offered John. Desmond's printout indicated the date of the system failure to be 09222004-- the date of the crash. By pressing the button too late, did Desmond cause the crash? It's not important. What is important is that the year is 2004. The show is happening in the past. Furthermore, the last night's episode happened on the day before Thanksgiving.

* We would not have seen the foot of the giant statue if it wasn't important. Sayid would not have made his comment about the foot having only four toes if it wasn't important.

* The pier where the Henry did the prisoner exchange with Micheal was not that of a rag-tag group of castaways. It was sturdy, and long. Much larger than that little tug needed. And why would Henry give away their only boat?

* Why didn't Kelvin explain to Desmond why they didn't build an automated system to press the button? Ah... I got you on this one. It turns out there is a precedent for such a system. It's called failsafe: When you send the bombers to attack, they don't wait for the Go order, they wait for the Recall order. If no recall order, they drop the bomb. This is the thing about the button. Give the code, or the bomb goes off. If the Others kill you, the bomb goes off. If you die from the plague, the bomb goes off. John breaks the computer, the bomb goes off.

But the single most important question, is the one you've forgotten about:

What happened to the mecahnical, smoke breathing, dinosaur that killed the pilot?

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