Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Howto Hack SprintPCS / Palm (pt2)

Today's mission: Interface the Palm Tungsten E2 with the Samsung MM-A940 via Bluetooth.

We will focus more on the Palm device than the phone, as it is actually the Palm, which is the weak link. The first step is going to be to assign a unique device name. From the Preferences menu, selectBluetooth, and tap Device Name. Input a unique name and tap OK.

Ensure Bluetooth is set to On and the phone is "discoverable". On the Samsung MM-A940, click Menu, Bluetooth, Options, Settings, and adjusting Visibiltiy. To pair the Palm to the phone, execute a search from the Bluetooth menu by clicking Options, Add New, and Search. Highlight the device with the Palm's unique name, and click Add to list.

It is important that the Palm be on and ready. A new window will open asking for the phone's passkey. The default passkey value is 0000. A window will appear on the Palm asking for the phone's passkey. Enter the same code and tap the Trust Device checkbox before clicking OK. On the phone, confirm the pairing in the Bluetooth menu. Return the phone to the service screen (sometimes called the "Time And Date Screen" or "Sceen Saver".

On the Palm, click Setup Devices and Trusted Devices. The phone should be listed. It would seem that we could have tapped Phone Setup instead of Trusted Devices, but that leads to a dead end... if you do not have a preapproved Verizon phone.

The phone and Palm are now paired. There is an option in Communcations on the Preferences page for phone integration, but this is leads back to the same dead end as before. Without a Bluetooth initialization string, the Palm can not access the keypad for contact dialing.

That's okay, however, because our next step is to connect to the Sprint data network.

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