Friday, November 04, 2005

Fedora 4 Kickstart Errors, Brilliant Fix

Yep, got kickstart working. The fix was AFL brilliant! But before I tell you the solution, you have to promise to understand what I'm saying, rather than blindly implementing the fix.

I added a %pre statement:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda count=1000
In other words: I wiped out the partition table. Of course this means all my data was destroyed! But that's OK... Your not suppose to store any mission critical data on a Fedora system anyway.

The major downside is that the system I'm playing with is a dual boot box, supporting both FC4 and RHEL4. This means that if I want to reinstall Fedora, I will have to follow it up with a Red Hat install. The good news is that kickstart still works under RHEL4, so it shouldn't be that painfull, just time consuming.

And, like, I got plenty of time!

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  1. What kind of kickstart errors were you getting? I was (and still am) having trouble getting it to work with a DHCP address. Otherwise, I didn't have to wipe out the partition table in %pre.

    for my little adventure.

    -another boring guy.