Friday, November 11, 2005

Car Rentals: DAY beats MCO

...but not in a good way. Just got back from Dayton Ohio and was very dissappointed with the organization of their car rental layout. In fact, I think it is the first airport I've found that is worse than Orlando. (It astounds me that Orlando is so disorganized: With all the Disney tourists, you'd think theyed have thier act together!)

Normally, the Avis car counter has a score board that displays customer's names, and give information about their car. In Dayton, you have to know that the score board is on mounted backwards: You have to walk up to the counter, then turn your back on the counter representative to see the scoreboard.

Once you have you keys, you step outside the bagage area, turn to the right, and walk the one hundred yards to the cars. The cars are in an uncovered lot-- in Ohio. I've lived in Ohio-- it snows in Ohio. Sometimes allot. I don't want to have to load my lugage into a rental car in the snow. (The good new is that the hundred yard walk is not uncovered, they have you walk through a set of tent-like tunnels. This was especially entertaining since its still tornado season-- the tents were acting more like windtunnels than weather protectors.

But here's the best part. The rental return is on the complete opposite end of the airport from the checkin. Now its a two hundred yard walk. Returns should be more convient than pickup. If you arrive in a town late, you simply call your appointment, and blame missing you appointment on the airline. Everyone understands that. If get at the gate late for your flight home because of a problem with the rental car, the airline does not hold the plane for you.

Other than that, Dayton was OK.

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