Wednesday, October 19, 2005

HOWTO - Linux VNCserver

I was playing with the idea a remote desktop on one of my home systems. Under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, you can share your desktop, but only if you've launched the GUI. This meant that the system was running X, even when I wasn't logged in: not what I wanted. With Googles help, I found HOWTO - Linux VNCserver, and setup a VNC Server to run in the background. When not logged in, VNC Server take less than 1% of CPU.

I don't think much of the "authentication" process-- more correctly, the lack of good authentication. The server is configured to run as a specific user ID, and all the remote user is doing is connecting to the target users account. (Scary though: Don't run it as root!) For my environment, it should be good enough. The target system in on rack in my basement and I'm connecting via a dedicated ethernet from my another room.

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