Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Testing The E-mail Blog Feature (2)

I've enabled Blogger's e-mail post feature, in order
to allow me to post via my Sidekick. Is that
ridiculous, or what! I'm not only a nerd, I'm the

What I've learned (the hard way) is that if you attach
a image, Blogger discards your message, rather than
stripping the attachment. Seems a bit of an odd
behavior, but what do I know. I had several failed
tests, then did a search on the problem. Turns out
the symptom was described in the Blogger FAQ.

RTFM. Imagine that.

On another note: It appears that Blogger blocks mail
from some sources. Are you ready for this... T-Mobile
is one of the sources! So, I guess this was all a big
waste of time.

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