Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Welcome To T-Mobile

In preparation for my upcoming move, I bought a new cell phone with a Maryland area code. I had hoped to keep my service with SprintPCS, but they indicated that changing my area code would require signing a new contract. Faced with having to sign a new contract, I decided to move to a new service, and get a new handset.

Technically speaking, I've been very satisfied with the coverage and quality of the SprintPCS service. From a customer service stand point, I have been very dissatisfied with SprintPCS. Since I fulfilled my contractual obligation with Sprint, their customer service people have become increasingly more difficult to deal with. The root of the problem is that I am still on a plan that was introduced when Sprint deployed their 3G network. As a promotional plan, it is significantly better than what they currently offer. Thus, they have virtually frozen my account to force me into a new contract with a la carte services and a higher price.

I chose to move to T-Mobile, because I was impressed with their data plan. Unfortunately, T-Mobile has suffered a catastophic failure on one of their backend systems. According to inside sources, this failure means that no new customer joining the service after 21 December can log in to the account management website at http://www.t-mobile.com/mytmobile. Needless to say, technicians are feverishly working to correct the problem. One source claimed hundreds were effected, another put the number at nearly a thousand.

Stay tuned for further adventures with T-Mobile, and an upcoming review of the Sidekick II. In the meantime, check out all the fun I'm having with my new Moblog:

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