Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gerd Anselmann Dornfelder

Every time I go wine shopping, look at the German reds. Unfortunately, the reds the German's send us, are far lacking what they keep for themselves. As a result, when people think of German wines, they think white (Riesling), not red. The reason: climate. The colder the climate, the more difficult it is to grow red then white.

I've suffered many bad German imports-- most only slightly less disgusting than taking a can of frozen grape juice, adding a cup of corn syrup, and diluting with a cup of pure grain alcohol. And even though Spatburgunder is Pinot Noir, most Californians are better.

Dornfelder is a unique varietal, native to Germany. Again, the climate makes it sweet, but this one was only mildly so. The flavor is similar to a Lambrusco, but the stand out for this wine was the body and color: Wow!

I'll be stocking this one, especially for the price of about $15. A firm 8 of 10.

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