Monday, September 20, 2010

The 10 best IT certifications: 2010

I stumbled upon a three week old article at TechRepublic The 10 best IT certifications: 2010. What a load of crap. The "article" was written by some fool named Erik Eckel, who even states in the article that its a load of bull:
There’s no double-blind statistically valid data analysis run through a Bayesian probability calculus formula here. I’ve worked in IT long enough, however, and with enough different SMBs, to know what skills we need when the firm I co-own hires engineers and sends technicians onsite to deploy new systems or troubleshoot issues
In other words: I made all this up, based on my personal opinions.

And what qualifies me to question his greatness? After all, he: president of two privately held technology consulting companies. He previously served as executive editor at TechRepublic.
Me? I'm a nobody.

Well... I maybe a nobody, but at least I'm smart enough to do enough basic research before attaching my name to an article. News flash: there is no such certification as the RHCP. Its RHCE, you ass-clown.

Have you guessed that his article talked down the value of the RHCE, yet? He also questioned the worth of VMware and ITIL. What is his logic?
Microsoft owns the market.
In other words, this guy one of those people that walks in, sells you a bunch of Microsoft crap, then walks away midway through the project, leaving those of us that have actually stayed current with technology, to come in a clean up his mess.

Well, TechRepublic just made my proxy server's blacklist.

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