Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

I've recently seen several adds for Kim Crawford's wines, and saw a few positive reviews, so I went about $5 out of the budget and grabbed this Sauvignon Blanc. A few points: Kim also has chardonnay, but go with the sauvignon, since the vineyards are in Marlborough, New Zealand. And as we know, if your doing New Zealand, your doing screw top.

The verdict? You know how snooty wine reviews talk about "hints of pear"? This one takes aroma of pair and smacks you up side the head with it. There is no doubt about the pair flavor.

Unfortunately, I not real big on fruity wines. Decant this one and let it breathe. (That way no one else sees the screw cap.)

6 of 10

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