Monday, July 05, 2010

Witness to a Moment of Innovation

Not of Earth shattering importance (like shattering the Earth would be a good thing... or even important, since we'd all be eradicated) but something happened on Saturday that could be an interesting trend. Remember back in the 90's when every few days, you got an AOL CD in the mail? Remember how they were all completely worthless? Well, Saturday, I got a DVD in the mail.

Again, not interesting, since I get Netflix (et al) DVD's in the mail a couple times a week. This was for a new TNT series called Rizzoli And Isles. As a promotional gimmick, TNT sent the pilot episode on DVD for preview of the July 12th debut.

Imagine if we started getting DVD's in the mail as often as we use to get AOL CD's. Unfortunately, once the trend catches on, most of the DVD's will be crap... Just like AOL.

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