Friday, June 18, 2010

Off Peak Energy Usage

I may have complained about this before, but since nobody has fixed this yet, I'll complain again. One of my favorite tech news sites was running a story about "smart houses" and commented on energy can cost 10 times more during peak hours. The appliances in the smart house "will be able to automatically delay its actions until off-peak hours."

You know what... I don't care! It doesn't save me any money.

I get charged a flat rate, nights, days, weekends. How is my washing machine choosing to wash my clothes later because it costs less helping me? It's not! Who is it helping? The global ecosystem? BRRRRAP! Wrong answer, you naive twit-- the power company's profit margin. That's it, nobody else.

Cost savings are not passed to the consumer, they pad the Wall Street coffers. If the power companies had invested in their infrastructures over the past four decades, we'd already have a smart grid. But noooooooo. They pocketed the profits and have left the consumers to deal with their short-sightedness.

So, when I'm ready to was my clothes, I'm doing it. If I overload the grid, and brown you out, too bad. You should have installed a point of use energy system... or at least a UPS. Like me.

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