Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toyota in Defilade

So it took three days, but I was able to hand shovel 190 linear feet to the main road. Saturday was spent getting to the car, and getting the car clear. I still assumed the parking lot would get plowed. On Sunday, I lost hope, and started shoveling to freedom-- about five other residents helped, but we ran out of daylight about 25 feet short of meeting up with trail a Jeep Cherokee had cut. About 10am Monday, the digging continued, and we hit the main road at about 1pm.

Tuesday, with another 12 to 20 inches of snow on the way, I decided that we couldn't dig all that snow again, so the only option was to put the car on the street. The biggest problem with the plan was that the car could get KO'ed by a snow plow. And what about having to dig out once the snow plow packs snow along the side.

And then I came up with a cunning plan-- There is a crazy guy in the neighborhood who parks junked cars on the main street. Every thirty days the county tickets the cars and gives him five days to move them or they get towed. He moves them to a different part of the street, and the process repeats.

I dug out the area behind one of the junked cars, packed the snow down the form a ramp, and backed the car onto the curb. The nose is in far enough that the junker protects it. To move the car, all I have to clear is the front.


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