Thursday, October 29, 2009

Got My Windows 7: First Impressions

Of course, this was built in a virtual machine, so I didn't bother with sound on the first install. I'm more interested in the desktop. Further, this is Home Premium, so many features are missing.

Screen Resolution: Yes! We are one click away from the change resolution screen. Wonderful. Even better than XP.
Taskbar: Still have the stupid clock, but at least they've included the date. Whoa! You can turnoff the clock! Fianlly... after a more than a decade.
The name of minimized windows is hidden; only the icon shows on the taskbar. Its configurable.
We can not change the "Stop" function. In Vista, a laptop could only suspend directly from the desktop (even though it indicated it was an "OFF" feature.) Now we can customize it.
Control Panel: Where's my classic view? Gone. Sad.
Of course everything has moved, so it will take a year to figure out how to change anything.
Networking: What's a homegroup? Or a library?
Six clicks to get to the screen o set a static IP: Its eight in Vista.
Gadgets: Gadgets can GoGo anywhere on the desktop. Better, but they still suck.
Accessories: Dramatically improved Paint.
Better WordPad-- very Office-ish, but no spell check. :(
Windows PowerShell (finally, ls works. How very Unix of them.)

All in all, I have to say... Very good.

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