Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is Mrs Frederick Lena?

Its taken nearly a decade for the network formally known as SciFi to reach its full potential. The change started with their take on The Invisible Man, but it was Battlestar Galactica that put them over the top and Eureka that proved BSG wasn't a fluke. Now they've got Warehouse 13, which is to the Secret Service, what the X-files was to the FBI.

But with less shark jumping...

Let me qualify: W13 is not a serious show. Its just for fun, and succeeds. But below the surface, there is a story arch.

Part of the story line is the enigmatic character, Mrs Frederick, a stately black women who cruises around DC in a limo driven by an Odd Job like chauffeur, ordering senior government men to do her bidding. She was in last night's episode, but I missed the significance of the dialog, until I heard it the second time tonight, while my son was time shifting the episode.

Arty was talking to Lena, the young black inn keeper, and stepped into the other room for a doughnut. When he returns, Lena is gone, and Mrs Frederick is waiting for him. Arty jerks back in surprise and says: "Mrs Frederick! What did you do with Lena?"

You know-- We've never seen Lena and Mrs Frederick in the same room.

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