Sunday, June 07, 2009

Power Sources For DC-Baltimore Area

I got this in my power bill this week: a break down on the origins of the electrical power supplied by BGE (Baltimore Gas and Electric, which is owned by Constellation Energy.) The good news is very little oil. I already knew a significant portion was nuclear.

What is interesting is the Renewable energy column:

No solar. We've got a hundred miles of shoreline, and no wind power. Oh, and I love that wood fired generators are considered under the renewable energy category. The best part of wood power is that we consume forests, thus reducing our nature carbon filter, and discharge carbon at the same time. How very efficient.

This chart is a perfect example of one of the single biggest reasons expounded for NOT using solar of wind power: Politicians have claimed for decades that we should not use solar or wind, because we can't run cities like DC on solar and wind. Therefore, it is worthless technology.

I'm going to hand key the stats below to seed the search engines:
Coal 51.2%
Oil .3%
Natural Gas 6.4%
Nuclear 33.2%
System Mix 4.3%
Renewable Energy
* Captured Methane Gas .3%
* Geothermal 0%
* Hydroelectric 2.8%
* Solar 0%
* Solid Waste .1%
* Wind 0%
* Wood or Biomass 1.5%

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