Friday, March 06, 2009

Updating XenServer

I'm a little disappointed that the XenCenter management platform for XenServer only runs under Windows, but then VMware VIC only runs under Windows, so I shouldn't really expect much from them. What's more odd is the way the XenServer is updated. Since the box is a bastardized version of RHEL 5, I expect Yum to be the update mechanism. Here's how it works, instead:

1. XenCenter polls Citrix for updates and provides a list.
2. Items are downloaded via an IE download manager plug-in to the Windows station.
    (Select "Save", not "Install"!!!)
3. Navigate to the download folder, double click the xsupdate file.
4. XenCenter will launch with a system update wizard.
5. Select the servers to be updated.
6. Sit back and watch all the pretty colors flash by.

Just don't like having to use Windows to update Linux.

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