Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Force Kickstart from a MAC Address

The NetworkManager application has always sucked. I understand that for the beginner their are some nice wireless features and perhaps it is good for laptop users, but from a server perspective, it sucks. So now, they went and integrated it into Anaconda. Unfortunately, they didn't have time to test it, so they deployed it broke. The good news is that you can't fault them-- it was part of the project plan to release it "broke".

The problem is that Anaconda's version of NetworkManager will only use about four different NIC drivers. If you don't have that type of card, it will fail. Luckily, if you will acknowledge the error, it will fall back to "the old way", and will work. This process, however requires manual intervention.

Since I need the ability to do completely unattended, remote, installs, I need to use one of those four drivers. Turns out the Intel E100 works. I swapped a bunch of cards, but needed to ensure it booted from the Intel and not the Realtek. The solution is ksdevice with a MAC address specification:

boot: linux ks= \

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