Wednesday, October 08, 2008

First Impressions: F10-beta Virtualization

My first impression of Fedora 10 Beta's virtualization suite is:

Somebody did something right.

1. We no longer must build a VM at 256Mb of RAM. I don't know what the low limit is, but that's nice.
2. Via GUI, ability to autostart a VM at boot.
3. VM's that Pixie boot. Mind boggeling!
4. Via GUI, connect to a CD in the host or a shared ISO.
5. VM sound support.
6. The ability to define infrastructure storage.
7. Via GUI, create new LVM's for VM images.
8. Ability to run TLS encrypted console windows.
9. Flat text config files under /etc/libvirt/qemu. Oh, how I hated having to export the XML from F7.
10. An F8 VM up in under 10 minutes.
11. Via GUI, take a VM screen shot... NOT a snap shot!
12. Ability to close virt-manager, and keep VM console connections.

Installs and works like a dream.

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