Saturday, January 26, 2008

SSH Applet, Pt 2

I have the Java based ssh applet running, but I found it's configuration to be somewhat hit and miss. The HTML side was simple enough:
<title>SSH Access>/title>
Vypress via port 22:<br />
<applet CODEBASE="."
<param name="config" value="applet.conf">
First, the applet does not work well if embedded in the webpage, it needs to be detached. This means that when started, it launches in a separate window. That is a non issue, just watch out for pop-up blockers. As a result, I set the applet width and height so it appears as a button rather than the default, which was as a terminal window.

Second, few of the customization options work, and the few that do, depend on unrelated options in order to become active. The options are poorly documented. Here's what has worked:
plugins = Status,Socket,SSH,Terminal

# connection target configuration = w.x.y.z
Socket.port = 22

# Terminal configuration
Applet.detach = true

# scrollBar East only works if after Status South
layout.Status = South
Terminal.scrollBar = East

# resize font only works if after color true
Terminal.print.color = true
Terminal.resize = font
Even with print.color set to true, the terminal is monochrome. There is an option to specify a colorSet.conf, but it is not documented, and does not seem to function.
Terminal.colorSet =
For all that doesn't work, I do have to admit, it connects. In the end, I guess that's all that matters.

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