Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vampire Pinot Nior

I'm trying to learn about red wines, so we'll be seeing more reds in the list. There is a minor issue, however: I'm allergic to black fruits (blackberries, currents, etc) and they are often used to flavor the red wines. Luckily, I found a set of charts that describe which types of wine typically contain black fruit. Classic example: Merlot.

First on the list: Vampire Pinot Nior. This is such a classic marketing gimmick. Vampires drinking red wine. Brilliant!

The bad news is that this bottle was more expensive than many other Pinot Niors. I'd say mid range ($12). The good news is that I found out that wine is 30% cheaper in Virginia than it is in Maryland. WooHoo!

I liked this wine. We'll have to try a few others to see if it is the vintage or variety. I'll give it a strong 6 of 10.

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