Saturday, September 02, 2006

Palm Bluetooth "Error: Serial: timeout"

My Palm TE2 has been getting an error when attempting to connect to my SprintPCS phone for internet access. I did some research and found that allot of people ar also getting the message Error: Serial: timeout. Could be bad cable or faulty Modem. (0x0305). I've found a solution for my setup.

The question was whether the problem was the Palm or the Samsung A940 phone. Eventually I isolated it to the phone. Turns out, if the phone is connected to my Scala 500 Bluetooth Headset, it will not allow the Palm TE2 to establish a dial up connection. By pressing Menu, Tools, Bluetooth, and executing a Disconnect against the headset, the Palm is permitted to connect. Once the Palm is done with the connection, I repeat the process, ans choose Connect.

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